Friday, August 29, 2014

Arcade is coming

Skin: Glance
Crown: Enfant Terrible (The Arcade - September 2014)
Dress: Peqe (The Fantasy Collective)
Hair: Taketomi
Vanity: DDD

Gacha keys for Enfant Terrible and The Forge:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What the water gave me

And oh, poor Atlas
The world’s a beast of a burden
You’ve been holding up a long time
And all this longing
And the ships are left to rust
That’s what the water gave us
So lay me down
Let the only sound
Be the overflow
Pockets full of stones
Lay me down
Let the only sound
Be the overflow
‘Cause she’s a cruel mistress
And a bargain must be made
But oh, my love, don’t forget me
When I let the water take me

Skin: The Skinnery (The Fantasy Collective)
Top and Shorts: Pixicat (Uber)
Eyes: Buzzeri (The Fantasy Collective)
Eyeliner: League
Tattoo: Reckless
Hair: Tableau Vivant
Birds and Skeleton: Kalopsia
Shoes: Reign
Pose: (1) Marukin (2) Clawtooth

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Only surrender will help you now

I love the way that your heart breaks
With every injustice and deadly fate
Praying it all will be new
And living like it all depends on you
Here you are down on your knees again
Trying to find air to breathe again
And only surrender will help you now
I love you please see and believe again
Love that you're never satisfied
With face value wisdom and happy lies
You take what they say and go back and cry
You're so close to me that you nearly died
They don't have to understand you
Be still
Wait and know I understand you
Be still
Be still

Skin: Glance
Eyes: Buzzeri - Voodoo Eyes (The Fantasy Collective)
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Tattoo: Reckless
Earrings: Ariskea - The Big Show
Bangles: Chary - N. 21
Dress:  Blacklace Lounge (Tales of Fantasy)
Shoes: Just Design (Uber)
 Pose: Del May
Setting: Elysion

Thursday, August 21, 2014

When will I see you again?

When was the last time you thought of me?
Or have you completely erased me from your memory?
I often think about where I went wrong
The more I do, the less I know
But I know I have a fickle heart and a bitterness
And a wandering eye, and a heaviness in my head
But don't you remember?
Don't you remember the reason you loved me before?
Baby, please remember me once more

Skin: Glance - Aina
Hair: Olive - The Harvest (N. 21)
Eyes: Buzz - Voodoo Eyes (The Fantasy Collective)
Tattoo: Reign
Eye Liner: Epoque
Under-eye Liner: (Mesh) Lode (The Fantasy Collective)
Top: Emery
Jeans: The Secret Store
Bangles: Chary (N. 21)
Pose: Marukin

August seems to be a busy event month. Don't forget The Fantasy Collective has opened it's doors down on the bayou with a bunch of amazing items worth a gander. I know I previously said this round is very special to me because I am from New Orleans (the best city in the world.) I might be a bit bias, though.

Another event has opened today. This is the first time I have heard of it but I believe it opened last month. It's named N. 21 and has a lot of great designers in the line-up. I was able to check it out and picked up some nice things like the bangles and hair in my picture. Stay tuned for the slurl.

Can I just say, this tattoo is awesome? I saw it on Eleri and fell in love because it tattoos the whole head even including the ears.

I've been loving Olive's hairs lately. Speaking of Olive, she has also released this new hair in the ad to the left to her VIP group. Be sure to grab it up!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

They sashay by

All the way
From Bourbon Street to Esplanade
They sashay by
They sashay by
New Orleans Ladies
A sassy style that will drive you crazy
And they hold you like the light
Hugs the wick when this candle's burning.
Them Creole babies
Thin and brown and downright lazy
And they roll just like the river
A little wave will last forever

 Skin: Glance - Aina
Eyes: Buzz - Voodoo Eyes (The Fantasy Collective)
Face Tattoo: Nox. - La Catrina (The Fantasy Collective)
Hair: [e]
Arm Tattoo: Elska
Dress and Head Piece: Faida - Boronne Vendredi (The Fantasy Collective)
Pose: Marukin

Gonna see my baby again

I feel so bad I got a worried mind
I'm so lonesome all the time
Since I left my baby behind
On Blue Bayou
Saving nickles, saving dimes
Working 'til the sun don't shine
Looking forward to happier times
On Blue Bayou
I'm going back someday
Come what may
To Blue Bayou

The Fantasy Collective is here again. We are only hours away from opening our doors. To be exact, we will open at noon SLT tomorrow (August 20th). The theme this round is very special to me. It's bayou/New Orleans. Think voodoo, magic, swamps, Mardi Gras, Carnival, mystical and supernatural beings. It has been so much fun to organize and all of the people participating have done such a wonderful job, I can't wait to share it with everyone.

For a complete list of previews, please see our blog:

Skin: Glance - Aina
Hair: Tableau Vivant (The Fantasy Collective)
Eyes: Buzz - Voodoo Eyes in Fallen color tone (The Fantasy Collective)
Eyeliner: Epoque
Necklace: Yummy - Collabor88
Head Piece: Spyralle - Crown of the Bayou

Friday, August 8, 2014

Be my guest

Skin: Glance - Sigrid
Hair: Tableau Vivant (Collabor88)
Eyes: Dead Apples
Liner: Epoque
Disney Prop: Noodles (Woodlands Gacha)
"Bad" Ring: Noodles
Necklace: Wimey (FGC)
Dress: Junbug

(I know the picture is a little blurry. It was just meant to be a notice that I'm going to be away for a while but I still wanted to post credits!)

See you guys next week!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

.Enfant Terrible. is looking for quality bloggers!

Please apply here: ET Blogger Applications

Jim raised me up

I have spent the last day literally combing through skin demos by the dozens. And, I still can not find a skin to suit me as well as Glance does. There are TONS of beautiful skins out there. It's just that none of them really feel like "me." I know that's kind of a weird thing to say but I'm sure everyone goes through it at some point. 

Other than that, tomorrow night I am leaving for Disney World for a week! I am so super excited. This is the first time that I will have ever been. I can't wait to meet the cast and see the castle. I also can't wait to spend a day in Universal in the Harry Potter section. I wish I could take everyone with me.

Skin: Glance - Sigrid
Eyes: Dead Apples - Striking
Liner: Epoque - Essential Liners
Top and Shorts: Pixicat (Uber)
Tattoo: Elska
Hair: Tableau Vivant (FaMESHed)
Pose: Marukin

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'll let him down easy (My Rez Day Post)

8 o’clock on Friday night I’m still at home
All my girls just keep on blowing up my phone
Saying come on he ain’t worth the pain
Do what you gotta do to forget his name

Now there’s only one thing left for me to do
Slip on my favorite dress and sky high leather boots
Check the mirror one last time
And kiss the past goodbye

Eight years ago today (August 5th), Skye Everidge was born. I didn't know exactly then what that would mean for me. But, there's no denying the huge impact this pixel world has had on my life. I've been bouncing in and out and around for years. I've had long years in gaps of playing and I always find myself back some time or another. Like most people, I hang around and then I'm out for a while. It's like a vicious cycle. 

I began my journey in Second Life almost immediately in role play. I, somehow, ventured into Gor along the era of the first Tarnburg by Navar and Stormie. I fell in love with the people and the stories. Gor was so different back then. I became a bouncy little green caste medic. 

Now, back then, Gor dress was NOTHING like it is now. All the stuff people wear now was just unheard of it and it's quite sad that Gor turned into biker barbies and guys wearing too much eyeliner and droopy pants. 

I remember the days of scouring different markets to try to find pretty dresses to wear since Gor was reduced to these ugly flexi prim poof balls. I'd usually end up in Paper Couture buying their formal gowns and modifying them to fit Gor's standards. It was a lot of fun, pushing the envelope SLIGHTLY and trying to stand out in a sea of plain huge dresses. There were a few of us who were guilty of this. Sometimes I wonder if we were slightly to blame for the way things are today. Maybe we started something that just evolved, literally, until it got to where it is today. I guess there is no way of ever knowing.

Second Life isn't the bad place a lot of people make it out to be, though. Like anything else, Second Life is whatever you make of it. I've had my ups and downs. I'd like to think that everything has come full circle and it's enriched my life in some ways. I know I have made a lot of friendships in this game that I cherish. I've loved, lost, and learned to move on and leave some things where they should be left. I've role played. I've explored parts of my personality that I never would have had the courage to do so in real life.

Will I be around another eight years? God, I hope not. But, I'm thankful for everything I've experienced, for the people close to me on this crazy game and for the memories.

Thank you so much to everyone for all the happy rez day wishes and especially Ziekling who I've included a little #dailytwerk #rezdaytwerk for below:

Enjoy! Now I will stop blabbing. :P

Skin: Glance - Sigrid
Eyes: Dead Apples
Eyeliner: Epoque Essential Liner Pack *New*
Head Jewel and Nose Chain: .Random Matter.
Hair: Analog Dog
Collar, Loincloth and Hammer: The Forge (We <3 RP August 6th)
Bracers: The Forge (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Top: Pixicat (Uber)
Arm Cuff: Haste (Former subscriber gift)
Wrist/Hand Tattoo: Paperbag (Cosmetic Fair)
Feet Chains: Noodles
Pose: Purple Poses (Collabor88)
Sim: Lydius by Leviathan Flux

Monday, August 4, 2014

This never works

Oh, won't you stay with me?
'Cause you're all I need
This ain't love, it's clear to see
But darling, stay with me

Skin: Glance - Sigrid
Hair: Tableau Vivant  (Fameshed)
Staff: .Enfant Terrible. Ultra Rare (Soon- Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Animated Butterflies: .Enfant Terrible. Common (Soon- Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Dress: Alchemy Rare (Soon- Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Eyepatch: Alchemy Common Soon- (Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Collar: The Forge Common (Soon- Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Pose: Purple Poses (Collabor88)
Setting: Kassau