Saturday, October 4, 2014

Met A Female Dragon

So much for being optimistic
They say love is in the air, so I
Hold my breath 'til my face turn purple
Keep a few bad bitches in my circle

"Holiday Appreciation Association presents: Havenhollow Returns!

Trick or be treated. Leave no corner left unturned or unexplored. This town is packed with fun, mystery, and excitement for you and your friends to experience together.

Many surprises await you. We invite you to discover them from October 4th - 31st."

Wow. That's really all I have to say about Havenhollow. I've never seen anything in Second Life quite like this. From the amazing build to the interactive experience, to the gifts and date auction. This is truly an experience and words won't do it justice. I wish my computer was good enough to go through and record the whole tour. I'd love to have a record of it. It was a lot of fun going door to door, trick or treating and seeing everyone's costumes.   A+++++

Go now!

Skin: Birdy - Aria (Pure)
Eyes: Buzzeri 
Liner: Epoque
Lipstick: #adored - Gummy Pack (Candy Fair)
Tattoo: Elska
Hair: Epoque - Tied Up
Freckles: Just Magnetized - Visage
 Earrings: [cx] Nyam (Candy Fair - Gacha)
 Jacket and Armor: Pixicat (Candy Fair)
Lace Bra: Loon
Shorts: Moon
 Bucket and Flashlight: Havenhollow Gifts
Pose: Slouch
Setting: Havenhollow

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