Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nevermind What You Like

Maybe time will tell you
Why I got so much hell to sell you
Please, please understand me
Oh you can't just dance around me
Maybe your work will love you
When I'm just not there to hold you
Maybe your pride can be your companion
Oh but I just won't be there to stand for it
Not one more minute will I stand for it

Skin: Glam Affair - Ellie (Kustom9)
Freckles: Kibitz (The Secret Affair)
Eyes: Buzzeri
Hair: !Oleander (The Season's Story)
Dress: Peqe (The Secret Affair)
Fur Stole: Junbug
Tattoo: Identity
Face Tattoo: TI (Anybody)
Head Crown: Noodles - Ultra Rare (The Secret Affair)
Collar: Noodles (We <3 RP)
Bracelets: Ariskea
Ring: Ariskea (Kustom9)
Repurposed Boat: Stockholm & Lima (Soon @ The Fantasy Collective)
Pose: Slouch

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