Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Did I Shave My Legs For This?

I bought these new heels
Did my nails
Had my hair done just right
I thought this new dress was a sure bet for romance tonight
Well it's perfectly clear
Between the tv and beer I wont get so much as a kiss
As I head for the door I turn around to be sure
Did I shave my legs for this?

The Home Show is coming up soon. Two days to be exact! This bath set is being offered from Stockholm and Lima by Surrealia Anatine. I had a lot of fun decorating it and playing around with the different pieces inside of the Dust Bunny (RARE) house that was sold during TAG. The animations are priceless. Obviously, there's a shaving animation and even a selfie one. The others you'll just have to try for yourself. As always, beautiful work by Surrealia!

House: Dust Bunny (lxlnoel Resident) - dust bunny . fairy mansion . RARE (TAG)
Eye Cucumbers: Bitter Serum (Markiz Sorbet) - Facemask Prep
Towel: Meli Imako (MW Boa) - Ladies Head Towel Wrap
Bath Tub: Stockholm & Lima (Surrealia Anatine) -  Butterfly Bathtub @The Homeshow SOON
Bath Towel: Stockholm & Lima (Surrealia Anatine) - Butterfly Bath Towel @The Homeshow SOON
Toilet: Stockholm & Lima (Surrealia Anatine) - Butterfly Bath Toilet @The Homeshow SOON
Toilet Paper Caddy: Stockholm & Lima (Surrealia Anatine) - Butterfly TP Caddy @The Homeshow SOON
Mirror: Stockholm & Lima (Surrealia Anatine) - Butterfly Bath Mirror @The Homeshow SOON
Pets: Ispachi (Diarmuid Miklos) - Cherished Moments (RARE - Past Arcade)
Rug: Ison (Harry Hyx) - Rug 2 (TAG)

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