Saturday, May 23, 2015

I wont hold you down

when I first laid eyes on you
well the night just felt so odd
you looked at me and the stars lined up
I thought I had heard from god
loving you was like throwing a lasso around a tornado
I tried to hold on to you
took a ride on a tilt-a-whirl that sits on top of the world
man I thought I could show you
i've always been afraid of flying
but you can't blame a girl for trying
felt like a pearl when I was holding your hand
so precious I forgot
you could have any girl but I only wanted one man
and you were everything i'm not

I saw a picture on flickr and it really inspired me to take this. I've been in kind of a morbid mood lately and this coffin pose prop by Boudoir is so beautiful. So, here is something a bit different.

Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) - Lauren
Hair: Spellbound (Kohana Xue) - Nightshade
Dress: Pixicat (Areve Resident) - Darling (Kustom 9)
Coffin Prop: Boudoir (Precious Restless) - Sleeping Beauty Coffin

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