Wednesday, May 27, 2015

steady as a Tom Petty track

the way I want to kiss you is 
slow as the Mississippi
strong as a fifth of whiskey
steady as a Tom Petty track
I want to love you like that
deeper than a sunset sky
sweeter than muscadine wine
all night until the sun comes up
I want to love you like that

Here is a few main store releases for you and an upcoming peek at one of Ariskea's commons for The Arcade. I couldn't believe it was a common when I first opened it. It's gorgeous and really adds the finishing touch to a beach scene. 

Burley released three new hair styles in the mainstore that are definitely worth checking out. They're all short and pony tails. There's a really cute banged option as well.

Last but not least, The Sugar Garden released some adorable bathing suits in her main store. I'm wearing one of them in this picture. I loved all the colors. It was definitely hard to choose!

And if you haven't heard by now, Uber opened. Glam Affair has a gorgeous line of Summer skins being sold there. Really, what are you waiting for?

Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) - Summer V3 India (Uber)
Eyes: Buzzeri (Eleri Catlyn) - Moka
Hair: Burley (Bella Earst) - Lisbeth
Top: The Sugar Garden (Elfie Sugarplum) - Cutiesuit Polka Floral
Tent: Ariskea (Diaxm) - Beach Calm Tent (The Arcade)
 Setting: The Duet

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