Thursday, June 4, 2015

every savage can dance

17 Netherfield Drive - Pemberly
17 Netherfield Drive - Pemberly
17 Netherfield Drive - Pemberly
17 Netherfield Drive - Pemberly
Admittedly, I don't normally do furniture or decorative blogging. But, I had a lot of fun today setting up my newly acquired parcel on the Pemberly sim. I went through a lot of different houses but the one that felt the most right was this shotgun from Trompe Loeil that was sold during one of the last few rounds of The Arcade. These houses are now out for sale at Trompe's main store in a gacha for only 25 linden a play. Honestly, at that price, why would you not own all of them already?

The floral gazebo you see in the side is from Zerkalo and is currently being sold at Fameshed. I caught Anais setting up and was in love at first sight. The mesh is really nicely done and the textures are gorgeous. If you're not a floral person, there's a vintage natural texture that can be purchased.

Shotgun House: Trompe Loeil (Cory Edo) - Shotgun Shack COMMON
Fence: Botanical (Kriss Lehmann) - Lattice Fence
Peacock: ANC  (aki69 Resident) - Hatsuyume COMMON (The Arcade)
Gazebo and Furniture: Zerkalo (DanielEstro Resident) - Pergola Floral
Gardenbeds: DDD (Kalia Firelyte) - Gardenbeds
Vines: DDD (Kalia Firelyte) - Creeping Wall Vine
Light String: Tarte (Alixxbella Resident) - Vintage String Lights
Tea Set: 8f8 (iBi Resident) - Butterfly Tea Set

Rocking Chairs: Jian (Kalia Firelyte) - Asbury Rocking Chair
Side Table and Tea: Jian (Kalia Firelyte) - Asbury Side Table
Planter: Token&Tribe (Kattington Resident) - Beaded Spring Planter (N21)
Outdoor Rug: Kalopsia (Isabeau Baragula) - Welcome Mat "Yo"
Rabbit: DDD (Kalia Firelyte) - Little Bunny

Rug: Zerkalo (DanielEstro Resident) - Love Nest Floral Rug COMMON
Loveseat: Zerkalo (DanielEstro Resident) - Love Nest Floral Loveseat (RARE
Pillows: Zerkalo (DanielEstro Resident) - Love Nest Floral Pillow COMMON
Books: Zerkalo (DanielEstro Resident) - Love Nest Floral Books COMMON
Tea Cups: Zerkalo (DanielEstro Resident) - Love Nest Floral Cups COMMON
Room Divider: Glam Affair (Amberly Boccaccio) - Safari! Room Divider
Clothing Rack: ~Bazar~ (Ria Bazar) - Female Clothing Rack

Dress: Cheeky Pea (Isla Gealach) - Delilah Console
Flat Iron: Half-Deer (Halogen Magic) - Cutie Flat Iron
Curling Iron: Half-Deer (Halogen Magic) - Cutie Curling Iron

Bed: Erratic (Erratic Rain) - Lorraine Bed RARE (The Arcade)
Cannabis: Zaara (Zaara Kohime) - Cannabis Plant COMMON (The Arcade)
Tray: Plethora (Plethorasl Resident) - Kink Tray For Her

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