Monday, August 31, 2015

in another life

summer after high school
when we first met
we'd make out in your mustang to radiohead
and on my eighteenth birthday
we got matching tattoos 
in another life
I would be your girl
we'd keep all our promises
be us against the world
in another life
I would make you stay
so I don't have to say you were
"the one that got away"
saw you downtown
singing the blues
it's time to face the music
i'm no longer your muse

Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) - Katra Ballerina (C88)
Hair: Elua (Miu Edman) - Ocean
Mesh Body: *Tentacio* (May Tolsen) - Carrousel RARE (The Arcade)
Camisk: May's Soul (May Tolsen) - Camisk Big Black (Past Epiphany)
Bra: *Tentacio* (May Tolsen) - Galatea Bra COMMON (The Arcade)
Thong: *Tentacio* (May Tolsen) - Galatea Thong COMMON (The Arcade)
Crown: May's Soul (May Tolsen) - La Parca Crown (Past Epiphany)
Legwarmers and Flats: Reign (KenadeeCole Resident) - Ballerina Warmers (C88)
Blindfold: Erratic (Erratic Rain) - Chris Blindfold
 Ruins: Fanatik (Kendra Zaurak) - Ruins Kit
Fence: Alirium (Alir Flow) - Vined Rail
Balloons: Infiniti (Brandi Monroe) - Balloons Floating Around
Pose: Thrust (Jaded Lorefield) - Ballerina Pose Set

Sunday, August 30, 2015

got it bad

know you got it bad
when you're stuck in the house
you don't want to have fun
it's all you think about
you got it bad when you're out with some one
but you keep on thinking about somebody else
you got it bad

Skin: VCO (yamette Reident) – Bella 001
Eyes: Buzzeri (Eleri Catlyn) - Bewitched Demon
Mesh Lip: VCO (yamette Reident) – Vampire Teeth Lips
Septum Piercing: Atooly (Rockstarroo Gossipgirl) - Crystal Septum Piercing (Mix)
Hair: Lamb (Lamb Bellic) - Destroyer
Dress: Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca) - Double Knot Dress (Fameshed SOON)
Rings: Izzie's (Izzie Button) - Celestial Midi Rings
Setting: Elysion Adult Lounge

let me dangle at a cruel angle

Skin: VCO (yamette Reident) – Bella 001
Mesh Lip: VCO (yamette Reident) – Vampire Teeth Lips
Hair: Lamb (Lamb Bellic) - Dream On
Body Suit: B.C.C. (vitamingirl Resident) - BonBon Bunny Bodysuit RARE  (The Arcade)
Collar: B.C.C. (vitamingirl Resident) - BonBon Bunny Collar F (The Arcade)
Cuffs: B.C.C. (vitamingirl Resident) - BonBon Bunny Wrist Accessories (The Arcade)
Garter: B.C.C. (vitamingirl Resident) - BonBon Bunny Lace Garter (The Arcade)
Headband: B.C.C. (vitamingirl Resident) - BonBon Bunny Ears Headband (The Arcade)
Tray: Sweet Lies (Hadarah Steamer) - Renata Gacha Drinks Tray RARE (The Arcade)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

but we got no money

Skin: VCO (yamette Reident) – Bella 001
Mesh Lip: VCO (yamette Reident) – Vampire Teeth Lips
Hair: Damselfly (Tommy Fairplay) – Roh (Festival of Sin)
Eyes: Buzzeri (Eleri Catlyn) – Bewitched Demon
Dress: Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa) – Vania Dress (Festival of Sin)
Necklace: Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca) – Vintage Pearl Necklace with Key (Shiny Shabby)
Closet: Exposeur (RubyStarlight Writer) – Luxury Closet Gacha With Props (Festival of Sin)
Hand-held Mirror: Cubic Cherry (Kreao Kujisawa) – Corrupted Sight RARE (Festival of Sin)
Trunk: Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca) – Vintage Leather Trunk RARE (Shiny Shabby)
Pink Athletic Bag: Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca) – Sports Bag (Uber)
Curling Iron: Half-Deer (Halogen Magic) – Cutie Curling Iron
Frame: Commoner (Emery Milneaux) – Sassy Sentiments – Thirsty
Perfume Bottle: -Tres Blah- (Juliette Westerburg) – Round Bottle
Hand: -Tres Blah- (Juliette Westerburg) – Golden Hand
Butler: Mutresse (Eeky Cioc) – Ribald Butler Toy Master

Friday, August 28, 2015

he told me I was Holy

my demons are begging me to open up my mouth
I need them mechanically make the words come out

taking what I want and call it mine
I'm helpless
clinging to a little bit of spine
they rush me telling me I'm running out of time
they shush me walking me across a fragile line

I sold my soul to a three piece
and he told me I was holy
he's got me down on both knees
but it's the devil that's trying to hold me down
hold me down

The Arcade is in a couple of days and this set is being offered by Aisling! It's pretty pefect. I knew when I saw the ad on flickr I had to have it. It's a "Do it yourself" love potion set.

Now to find an unsuspecting victim!

Other things to note! Half Deer is having a huge 50% off sale at her main store. So, be sure to check it out before it ends. 

Lastly, this new skin by VCO is everything. I've been looking for a cute vampy skin for halloween and it's pretty amazing. The mesh lips really add something special to it.

Skin: VCO (Yamette Resident) - Bella 
Lips: (Yamette Resident) - Vampire Teeth Lips
Eyes: Buzzeri (Eleri Catlyn) - Bewitched Demon
Hair: Olive (Naminaeko Resident) - The Pearl Hair (Enchantment)
Lingerie: Erratic (Erratic Rain) - Delice Lingerie (Collabor88)
Stockings: Izzie's (Izzie Button) - Cat Tights
Shoes: Reign (KenadeeCole Resident) - Ari Boots
Goblet: Artizan Fantasy (ArtizanMesh Resident) - Maiden Tor Goblet
Cauldron: Half-Deer (Halogen Magic) - Cauldron of the Stars
Star: Half-Deer (Halogen Magic) - Dream Lantern (Collabor88)
Lamp: .aisling. (Druunah Esharham) - Hanging Lamp Silver COMMON (Arcade)
Shelf: .aisling. (Druunah Esharham) - Ingredients Shelf COMMON (Arcade)
Philtres: .aisling. (Druunah Esharham) COMMON (Arcade)
Books: .aisling. (Druunah Esharham) COMMON (Arcade)
Table: .aisling. (Druunah Esharham) COMMON (Arcade)
Pestle and Mortar: .aisling. (Druunah Esharham) COMMON (Arcade)
For the Paramour: .aisling. (Druunah Esharham) COMMON (Arcade)
Candles and Hourglass: .aisling. (Druunah Esharham) COMMON (Arcade)
Ritual Roses White: .aisling. (Druunah Esharham) COMMON (Arcade)
Carpet of Flowers: .aisling. (Druunah Esharham) COMMON (Arcade)
Flower Cauldron: .aisling. (Druunah Esharham) RARE (Arcade)
Alchemy of Love: .aisling. (Druunah Esharham) RARE (Arcade)

Monday, August 24, 2015

get like me

Something new from Zenith tonight at Uber. A cute baketball jersey top with a tube underneath and this big athletic bag. The textures are so pretty and they come in several different colors so DO NOT miss it. Though, the sim will probably be full for a couple of days so keep checking back.

Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) - Katra
Hair: Atomic (Ivy Graves) - MoonChild (N 21)
Jersey: Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca) - Basketball Vest (Uber)
Bag: Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca) - Spots Bag (Uber)
Shoes: Reign (KenadeeCole Resident) - Ari Boots

I see where you go

are you going to age with grace?
are you going to age without mistakes?
are you going to age with grace
or only wake and hide your face?
when oblivion is calling out your name
you always take it further than I ever can 

This is a PG edit of a picture I did. See the NSFW version here.
First of all. I love this applier and layer by Antielle that's at The Festival of Sin right now. It's so good. There's other colors as well. You can buy green or red if you're not a pink fan. Secondly, this amazing face chain is by Deccan Arida. It's currently being offered at The Fantasy Collective in three different colors. Check out both events right meow!

Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) - Katra
Hair: Boon (boo Nakamura) - Uka687
Face Chain: Deccan Arida (The Forge) - Singh (The Fantasy Collective)
Applier: Antielle (Jareth Cygnet) - Cropsick (Festival of Sin)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

some one to be kind to

I've been searching for the daughter of the devil himself
I've been searching for an angel in white
I've been waiting for a woman who's a little of both
and I can feel her but she's nowhere in sight 

The Fantasy Collective is now open. This outfit and hair are waiting for you there! The skirt is original rigged mesh by Vix Nirvana of Storybook. It comes with an optional vest and breast plates. There are SEVERAL different color versions and can be mixed and matched as much as you like.

Skin: Lara Hurley (Lara Hurley) - Erin
Hair: Runaway (Candela Kira) - Rondra Hair (The Fantasy Collective)
Breast Plates: Storybook (Vix Nirvana) - Panic (The Fantasy Collective)
Skirt: Storybook (Vix Nirvana) - Panic (The Fantasy Collective)
Tattoo: Izzie's (Izzie Button) - Metallic Arrow Tattoo (Past TFC)

Friday, August 21, 2015

feel my love

I know you haven't made your mind up yet
but I would never do you wrong
I've known it from the moment that we met
no doubt in my mind where you belong
the storms are raging on the rolling sea
and on the highway of regret
the winds of change are blowing wild and free
you ain't seen nothing like me yet

Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) - Luna (Collabor88 Birthday Round)
Eyes: Buzzeri (Eleri Catlyn) - Voodoo
Eyebrows: Buzzeri (Eleri Catlyn) - Natural Eyebrows
Hair: Lamb (Lamb Bellic) - Zelda
Collar: .Charm. (Aymee Monk) -Fearis Collar (The Fantasy Collective)
Dress: Kiddo Oh (Dead Dollz) - Fury (Festival of Sin - Wrath)
Gloves: Jian (Jiansl) - Sanderson's Gloves (The Fantasy Collective)
Pose: Slouch (Eira Juliesse)

I have a few things to talk to you guys about. First of all, The Fantasy Collective is opening at noon slt on the 22nd! We have moved so be sure to grab the new slurl above or in our update group. More awesome things are opening like The Festival of Sin that I am really enjoying blogging for! This dress is by Dead Dollz and will be located in the WRATH section of the sim. I'll be blogging tons of more things from both events in the next couple of days.

The collar that I am wearing is by Charm which is formerly Keystone. If you missed it, Aymee has rebranded her store and I am really looking forward to seeing what she does because so far the pieces at Enchantment and TFC are pretty awesome!


my best friend took a week's vacation to forget her
his girl took a week's worth of valium and slept
and now he's guilt-stricken sobbing with his head on the floor
thinks about her now and how he never really wept
he said can't be held reponsible
she was touching her face
I wont be held responsible
she fell in love in the first place

School started again. That's really all I have to say. I'm sleep deprived.

Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) - Katra
Hair: Spellbound (Kohana Xue) - Sirena (Enchantment)
Top: Le Fil Casse (Jacinda Jaxxon) - Corina Summer Top (Cosmo Sales Room)
Piercing: Arise (lonlysoule Resident) - Oria (IDK)
Yoga Pants: Blueberry (Blueberryxx Resident) - Sylvia Yoga Pants
Shoes: Reign (Kenadeecole Resident) - Jellysee Sandals
Location: !ndustry

Monday, August 10, 2015

by tonight

where do I go for love that I still need now that I'm free
I'll think of something
and if someday by accident we meet and I can't speak
I'll think of something
if I can't say a word to her I'll blame it on this lump that's in my throat
and standing there what will I do to hide my love enough that it wont show
well I don't know
but I'll think of something

Collabor88's birthday round just opened! It's amazing and jam packed of stuff that you're not going to be able to pass up without grabbing. I've never bought so many fat packs in my life.

This lingerie set that I am wearing is from Erratic and it's pretty perfect. Comes in several colors and you have the option of buying each piece individually or buying sets of the three pieces. It comes with little suspenders and tights that I'm not wearing in this pic.

This is our 'after prom' pic. Scream's wearing a suit from Deadwool and his hair is from Action.

Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) - Katra
Hair: Taketomi (Bella Earst) -  Akemi
Eyes: Buzzeri (Eleri Catlyn) - Cora
Tears: Altair (Tsurine Resident) 
Bra: Erratic (Erratic Rain) - Delice (Collabor88)
Panties: Erratic (Erratic Rain) - Delice (Collabor88)
Couch: Bazar (Ria Bazar) - Roya Sofa

Thursday, August 6, 2015

good for you

i'm on my 14 carats
i'm 14 carats
doing it up like midas
now you say I got a touch
so good, so good
make you never want to leave
so dont, so dont 

Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) - Katra
Eyes: Buzz (Eleri Catlyn) - Cora
Hair: Entwined (VivienMarli Resident) - Adele (WLRP)
Outfit: Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca) - High Elf Priest (FGC COMING SOON)