Monday, November 30, 2015

you were the best I ever had

and you can trust me not to think
and not to sleep around
and if you don't expect too much from me
you might not be let down
cause all I really want is to be with you
feeling like I matter too
if I hadn't blown the whole thing years ago
I might be here with you
tomorrow we can drive around this town
and let the cops chase us around
the past is gone 
but something might be found to take it's place
hey jealousy

Skin: Lara Hurley (Lara Hurley) - Elea Natural Milky
Hair: !Oleander (BaileeOleander) - Sangria
Jacket: Blueberry (Blueberryxx) - Asia
Jeans: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle) - Biker Jeans #8
Setting: Elysion

Sunday, November 29, 2015

sunday morning

Sink: BCC (vitamingirl) - Emma's Sweet Kitchen Sink RARE (Arcade SOON)
Counter: BCC (vitamingirl) - Emma's Sweet Kitchen Counter RARE (Arcade SOON)
Red Pot: BCC (vitamingirl) - Emma's Sweet Kitchen Soup (Arcade SOON)
Cream Pot: BCC (vitamingirl) - Emma's Sweet Kitchen Pot (Arcade SOON)
Shelf: BCC (vitamingirl) - Emma's Sweet Kitchen Shelf (Arcade SOON)
Rug: BCC (vitamingirl) - Emma's Sweet Kitchen Rug (Arcade SOON)
Stool: BCC (vitamingirl) - Emma's Sweet Kitchen Stool (Arcade SOON)
Fridge: BCC (vitamingirl) - Emma's Sweet Kitchen Refrigerator (Arcade SOON)
Potatoes: Zerkalo (Danielestro) - Family Dining Cream Potatoes (Shiny Shabby)
Griddle: Dust Bunny (lxlnoel) - Pancake Griddle (Past Epiphany Exclusive)
Breakfast: Dust Bunny (lxlnoel) - Breakfast Plate
Newspaper: Dust Bunny (lxlnoel) - Sunday Newspaper
Cereal: Dust Bunny (lxlnoel) - Bowl of Cereal
Cinnamon Rolls: Dust Bunny (lxlnoel) - Cinnamon Roll Skillet
Bagels: Dust Bunny (lxlnoel) - Bagels
Muffins: Dust Bunny (lxlnoel) - Muffin Tin
Eggs: Dust Bunny (lxlnoel) - Egg Holder
Toast: Dust Bunny (lxlnoel) - Toast Basket
Pastry: Dust Bunny (lxlnoel) - Pastry Rack
Breakfast Skillet: Dust Bunny (lxlnoel) - Breakfast Skillet
Dog: ANC (Aki69) - Flottante Puppy (Past Collabor88)
House: Scarlet Creative (Charlotte Bartlett) - Lavender Brown

Saturday, November 28, 2015

take me back to a time when only we knew

oh I'll be your daydream
I'll wear your favorite things
we could be beautiful
get drunk on the good life
I'll take you to paradise
say you'll never let me go

Thanksgiving is over. It's officially Christmas time. I really love the end of the year. My birthday is in September and then after that all of the holidays get closer. The weather is cooler. People are in happy spirits. And the best part yet is that the fall semesters of college end. Speaking of which, mine end next week. I'm so ready to have some down time.

This is my last blog post for Tannenbaum! The previous two posts have featured lots of awesome things you can pick up from the event. Hair, skin and gorgeous tree ornaments and decor to add some festivity to your home. 

Also in this picture are some Arcade previews from Zerkalo, Lost Junction, Enfant Terrible, Aisling and OMEN. I've been seeing tons more of awesome previews on flickr and I can't wait to go check everything out when it opens December 1st.

Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) - Bianca 03 (Uber)
Eyes: Ikon (Ikon Innovia) - Triumph
Hair: Exile (Kavar Cleanslate) - Twist and Shout (Past Arcade)
Necklace: Enfant Terrible (LeEnfantTerrible) - L`odeur du cuir (Arcade SOON)
Jacket: Blueberry (Blueberryxx) - Asia
Skirt: Blueberry (Blueberryxx) - Harlow
Tights: The Secret Store (Maylee Oh) - Polka Tights
Boots: Reign (KenadeeCole) - Scarlett Boots (N21)

Skybox: Haikei (qo0op) - Dusky White Skybox (Kustom 9)
Christmas Tree: Botanical (Kriss Lehmann) - Douglas Fir (Tannenbaum)
Gold Ornament: MishMish (Aime Takaaki) - Golden Bauble (Tannenbaum)
Red Ornament: MishMish (Aime Takaaki) - Red Bauble (Tannenbaum)
Bunny Ornament: MishMish (Aime Takaaki) - Bunny in a Box (Tannenbaum)
Snow Baby Ornaments: !Ohmai (Anya Ohmai) - X'mas Magic (Tannenbaum)
Bell Garland: Kalopsia (Isabeau Baragula) - Gold Bell Garland (Tannenbaum)
Candy Cane: Kalopsia (Isabeau Baragula) - Wood Candy Cane (Tannenbaum)
Horse: Kalopsia (Isabeau Baragula) - Silver Rocking Horse (Tannenbaum)
Bunny: Kalopsia (Isabeau Baragula) - Bunny Foofoo (Tannenbaum)
Train: Hive (thehivestore) - Noel Tin Train (Tannenbaum)
Bag of Toys: Kalopsia (Isabeau Baragula) - Santa's Bag of Toys (Tannenbaum)
Top: Kalopsia (Isabeau Baragula) - Spinning Top (Tannenbaum)
White Gift Boxes: Zerkalo (danielestro) - Pile of Gifts #1 (Arcade SOON)
Manilla Gift Boxes: Zerkalo (danielestro) - Pile of Gifts #2 (Arcade SOON)
Round Boxes: Aisling (Druunah Esharham) - Round Boxes (Arcade SOON)
Wall Candles: Aisling (Druunah Esharham) - Wall Candles (Arcade SOON)
Boxes: Aisling (Druunah Esharham) - Boxes (Arcade SOON)
Boxed Puppy: OMEN (Damascusvera) - Waiting for Santa Paws - Knotty (Arcade SOON)
Doll: Lost Junction (Tala Laval) - Mrs. Claus (Arcade SOON)
Small Tree: Lost Junction (Tala Laval) - Claus Playset (Arcade SOON)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

all I want for Christmas is you

Sleigh: Kalopsia (Isabeau Baragula) - Santa's Sleigh (Tannenbaum)

 On Skye

Sweater: Erratic (Erratic Rain) - Hazel - Oversized Sweater (Past Arcade)
Hair: !Oleander (BaileeOleander) - Libby (Tannenbaum)
Boots: Reign (KenadeeCole) - Scarlett Boots (N 21)
Applier Stockings: The Secret Store (Maylee Oh) - Polka Tights


Sweater: Bad Unicorn Clothing (badunicorn) - Clif Parka (Tannenbaum)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

cold without you

and i'm still waking up every morning
but it's not with you

Tannenbaum opens soon! One day to be exact. You wont want to miss this. You'll be able to come collect beautiful ornaments to decorate your pretty pixel trees, odds and ends to decorate your homes and of course there will be lots of new things to spice up your avatar with. 

"Tannenbaum kicks off winter shopping in a big way. Explore Tannenbaum's Holiday Market and connect with artisans across the grid, selling festive clothing, jewelry, skins, hairs, home decor, toys and treats, and more! Or wander into the Christmas Tree Lot and peruse a fantastic selection of ornaments, lights, garland and other trims for your tree!

Tannenbaum opens on November 25th and promises to be a delightful place, where Second Life residents are sure to be swept up in the holiday spirit!"

In this picture, I am wearing a hair by !Oleander. Another Scream Queens inspired hair complete with optional ear muffs. If you don't want ear muffs, there's a version without them. But IF YOU DO want them, let me tell you, there's about 2193933838 colors to pick from to completely customize them just how you want. One thing I really love about !Oleander is they always offer plenty of options. 

Skin: VCO (Yamette) - Pony 002 (Tannenbaum)
Mesh Lips: VCO (Yamette) - Pony's Mesh Lip (Tannenbaum)
Hair: !Oleander (BaileeOleander) - Billie w/ Earmuffs (Tannenbaum)
Sweater: Blueberry (Blueberryxx) - Ashley Long Sleeve Top
Jeans: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle) - Biker Jeans #8

Sunday, November 22, 2015

only wanted for you to save me

The Fantasy Collective's birthday round is opening in just a few hours! The theme for this round is 'Ever After' and is based around fairy tales. There are SO MANY beautiful items just waiting to be grabbed. Not to mention some free gifts and some 10L gifts. Over 80+ designers this round to celebrate so be sure to mark your calendar. We open at noon SLT.

I'm sure you're looking behind my avatar at that carriage. It's from Stockholm & Lima and completely took me by surprise. When we (Cat and I) saw it, we were practically jumping up and down in our seats. It's pretty much everything you could ever ask for. Not only is it beautiful by it's got some pretty awesome bdsm poses inside of it give it a little kink ;)

Visit TFC here at noon SLT:

Skin: VCO (Yamette Resident) - Benny 
Mesh Mouth: VCO (Yamette Resident) - Benny Mesh Lip
Hair: M4ri1yn Magic (Tableau Vivant) - Eliza (TFC)
Roses: M4ri1yn Magic (Tableau Vivant) - Ever After Roses (Gift) (TFC)
Dress: Una (Una Daxter) - Elsa Blue (TFC)
Cloak: Astralia (Astralia) - Magic Princess Cloak COMMON (TFC)
Gloves: Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca) - Vintage Tighten Gloves (Wayward Market)
Carriage: Stockholm & Lima (Surrealia Anatine) - Cinderella's Carriage (TFC)

Friday, November 20, 2015


I know I'm not the only one
who regrets the things they've done
sometimes I just feel it's only me
who never became who they thought they'd be

 Skin: VCO (Yamette) - Benny 001
Mesh Mouth: VCO (Yamette) - Benny Mesh Lip
Top: Aisling (Damian Kleiner) - Yliodi (The Secret Affair)
Gloves: Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca) - Vintage Tighten Gloves (Wayward Market)
Hair: Elua (Miu Edman) - Daria (Kustom 9)
Panties: Erratic (Erratic Rain) - Alicia
Tattoo: Bolson (ChewbaccaNotDead) - Mr. Burton (Shiny Shabby)
Pose: Kirin (Carolina Sautereau) - Hinata
Setting: Elysion

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

princess-cut diamonds on my disney

I want everyone to feel like this tonight

So if you haven't guessed it already, this look was inspired by Chanel from Scream Queens. It's become one of my favorite t.v. shows and I look forward to watching it every week. The writing is hilarious and over the top. !Oleander has made two versions of their Chanel style. The first was for Epiphany and the second for their main store! You can find both by checking out their store here. And if you haven't been yet, prepare yourself for a treat. Tons of adorable hairs will be waiting for you!

Skin: VCO (Yamette) - Benny 001
Mesh Mouth: VCO (Yamette) - Benny Mesh Lip
Eyes: Buzzeri (Eleri Catlyn) - Lillian Saphire
Hair: !Oleander (BaileeOleander) - Chanel v2.
Hat: Violent Seduction (Iki Akiri) - Arsenic Hat (The Kawaii Project)
Necklace: Violent Seduction (Iki Akiri) - Arsenic Necklace
Coat: Violent Seduction (Iki Akiri) - Arsenic Coat
Cell Phone: SAYO (Kaysha Piers) - Kawaii Bunny Case RARE (Kustom 9)
Pose: Kirin (Carolina Sautereau) - Miho Pose (Kustom 9)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Adia, I know I let you down

Adia, I do believe I failed you
Adia, I know I let you down
don't you know I tried so hard
to love you in my way
it's easy
let it go
Adia, I'm empty since you left me
trying to find a way to carry on
Adia, I thought that we could make it
I know I can't change the way you feel
I leave you with your misery
a friend who wont betray
I pull you from your tower
I take away your pain
and show you all the beauty you possess
if you'd only let yourself believe
that we are born innocent
believe me, Adia
we are still innocent

This is mostly a raw shot I took while posing for an ad with Jacinda wearing her new bow out at The Kawaii Project named "The Skye Bow". Comes in several different color options and you can mod it and stick it pretty much anywhere. The texturing is really nice on them.

This is hair is by Tableau Vivant. Kind of a funky color I settled on but i'm really feeling it. I've been looking for some new colors to play with in SL since it gets boring being either a blonde, brunette or redhead. I've been wearing a lot of gray hair lately, which Tableau has some really pretty tones of.

The bow necklace and septum piercing are both  by Imeka currently out at Wayward.

Skin: VCO (Yamette) - Angie Skin 008
Mesh lips: VCO (Yamette) - Angie Mesh Lip 003 RARE
Hair: Tableau Vivant (M4ri1yn Magic) - Countess (Kustom 9)
Ears Headband: Spellbound (Kohana Xue) - Momo
Hair Bow: Le Fil Casse (Jacinda Jaxxon) - The Skye Bow (Kawaii Project)
Necklace: Imeka (NatiWilliams) - The Basic Bow Necklace (Wayward Market)
Septum Piercing: Imeka (NatiWilliams) -Septum Ring 2 (Wayward Market)
Set: Exposure (RubyStarlight Writer) - Luxury Closet Gacha

Friday, November 6, 2015

she don't love you

she don't love you
she's just lonely
she wasn't once upon a time
she used to dance when the band played
she used to be the trusting kind

she's no stranger to the leaving
she's heard all the best goodbyes
falling has a different meaning
to her you're just another guy

so forgive her if she's distant
she can't tell her heart to lie
you'll never be her one and only
she don't love you
she's just lonely

 The Fantasy Collective is still going strong. If you haven't been yet, you're in for a treat. Not only are there some amazing new releases but each designer has a pumpkin next to their vendor filled with a gift for you. Don't miss it before it closes on the 15th.

This amazing rigged harness from Storybook is located there. It comes in two versions. One is fitted for Maitreya and the other is fitted for Slink physique. It looks great on it's own but you can also easily pair it with other items. I chose to wear the bra from Erratic beneath mine.

The belle of the ball are these wings from Astralia! They're so nicely modeled and textured. These are the rare version. They will be available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival on 11/7.

Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) - Caroline (Uber)
Lipstick: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) - Caroline Lipstick - 01 (Uber)
 Hair: Exile (Kavar Cleanslate) - The Countess
Tiara: FDD (Seller Xenno) - Eurwen Tiar Ultra Rare (FGC)
Eye Blood: Izzie's (Izzie Button) - Dripping Blood
Blood Necklace: Izzie's (Izzie Button) - Dripping Necklace
Wings: Astralia (Astralia) - Angelica Wings RARE (FGC)
Bra: Erratic (Erratic Rain) - Delice
Harness: Storybook (Vix Nirvana) - Reverie (The Fantasy Collective)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

so what if right now everything's wrong?

i'm not the kind of girl you take home
if it makes you happy
it can't be that bad
if it makes you happy
then why the hell are you so sad

Skin: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) - Caroline (Uber)
Lipstick: Glam Affair (Aida Ewing) - Caroline Lipstick - 01 (Uber)
Hair: Tableau Vivant (M4ri1yn Magic) - Kyu (Kustom 9)
Romper: CandyDoll (Rebeca Dembo) - Farah Romper (Fameshed)
Boots: Phedora (Celena Galli) - Berlin Boots (Sad November)
Rings: Reign (KenadeeCole Resident) - Coven Ring Set (The Epiphany Exclusive)
Couch: Glam Affair (Amberly Boccaccio) - Vintage Couch Black (The Chapter Four)
Table: Glam Affair (Amberly Boccaccio) - Coffee Table (The Chapter Four)
Vases: Glam Affair (Amberly Boccaccio) - Deco Vases (The Chapter Four)
Vase 2: Glam Affair (Amberly Boccaccio) - Vase with Plant (The Chapter Four)
Long Table: Glam Affair (Amberly Boccaccio) - TV Table RARE (The Chapter Four)
Hanging Lights: Glam Affair (Amberly Boccaccio) - Lamp (The Chapter Four)
Home Sign: Glam Affair (Amberly Boccaccio) - Home (The Chapter Four)
Love Sign: Glam Affair (Amberly Boccaccio) - Love (The Chapter Four)
Clock: Glam Affair (Amberly Boccaccio) - Clock (The Chapter Four)
TV: Lost Junction (Tala Laval) - Tala-TV
Piano Bar: Zerkalo (danielestro) - Piano Bar (Fameshed)
Candles: Zerkalo (danielestro) - Candles (Fameshed)
Cognac: Zerkalo (danielestro) - Cognac (Fameshed)
Stool: Zerkalo (danielestro) - Bar Stool (Fameshed)
Ladder: Zerkalo (danielestro) - Cozy Corner Ladder (The Chapter Four)
Pillow: Zerkalo (danielestro) - Cozy Corner Pillow (The Chapter Four)
Candles 2: Zerkalo (danielestro) - Vintage Treasures Candles (The Epiphany)
Lantern: Zerkalo (danielestro) - Vintage Treasures Lantern (The Epiphany)
Rug: Zerkalo (danielestro) - Vintage Treasures Rug (The Epiphany)
Painting: Haikei (qo0op) - Where You've Been
Shelf: Lost Junction (Tala Laval) - Wilbur's Shelf (WLRP)