Monday, November 30, 2015

you were the best I ever had

and you can trust me not to think
and not to sleep around
and if you don't expect too much from me
you might not be let down
cause all I really want is to be with you
feeling like I matter too
if I hadn't blown the whole thing years ago
I might be here with you
tomorrow we can drive around this town
and let the cops chase us around
the past is gone 
but something might be found to take it's place
hey jealousy

Skin: Lara Hurley (Lara Hurley) - Elea Natural Milky
Hair: !Oleander (BaileeOleander) - Sangria
Jacket: Blueberry (Blueberryxx) - Asia
Jeans: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle) - Biker Jeans #8
Setting: Elysion

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