Friday, February 19, 2016

I'm not alone

I'm not alone
no, you're not on my mind
you were the victim of your crime
I left you behind
boy, you were a fool to treat me that way
not going to let you
i'm going to forget you
there's nothing to say
you're a twisted lover
kiss and telling on a superstar
that's what you are
well it was Saturday night
I know the feeling was right
I didn't know we'd get so far

 Bath Tub: Nomad (Piraiyah Novikov) - Heavenly Bath (Shiny Shabby SOON)
Soap Dish: Nomad (Piraiyah Novikov) - Heavenly Soap Stand (Shiny Shabby SOON)
Curtain: Nomad (Piraiyah Novikov) - Beige Satin Curtain (Shiny Shabby SOON)
Raven: Half-Deer (Halogen Magic) - Raven Witchy
Petal Storm: Luna Rosarie (HeethxMichelide Juran) - Petal Storm B
Bubbles: Anc (Aki69) - Bubbles Ground Field

Skin: Angelica (Lindsay Rozen) - Kittie Dollfie Sakura  (The Kawaii Project)
Eyes: Clair de Lune (Yume Carami) - Love Circle Lenses Brown
Hair: Doe (Helyanwe Vindaloo) - Macey (Whimsical)
Face Blood: La Baguette (Aristas) - Notmyblood
Body Blood: Ama (Amadeo Dubratt) - Blood Spatter

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