Tuesday, March 22, 2016

mark my words

so you heard it all before
falling in and out of trust
tying to rekindle us
only to lose yourself
but I won't let me lose you
and I won't let us just fade away
after all that we've been through
I'll show you more than I ever could say
mark my words
that's all that I have
mark my words
give you all I got


Mesh Head: Moon (Silent Acoustic) - Moon Tone B (Cosmetic Fair)
Hair: Olive (Naminaeko) - The Thorns Hair (The Fantasy Collective)
Harness: Le Fil Casse (Jacinda Jaxxon) - Domina Harness (The Fantasy Collective)
 Belt: Azuchi (Sands Leavitt) - Sekhmet (The Fantasy Collective)
Arm Bracelets: Aisling (Druunah Esharham) - Aspasia
Bracers: Aisling (Druunah Esharham) - Aspasia
Setting: Elysion  

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