Review Policy

I don't have an exact review policy. I don't normally review items in depth and I only wear items that I like and would purchase myself though I am open to and very appreciative of review copies. Just please keep in mind that I reserve the right to blog or not blog any items at my discretion.
I don't normally ask for review copies unless encouraged by a designer or an event process. If I ever do ask for a review copy, it will be blogged.
All of my blog pictures are taken casually and meant to be fun and informative. I do photoshop my pictures but never so drastically that they don't reflect the item of it's actual form in world. 
I am not a fashionista or a fashion blogger and I am definitely not an expert. I am just having fun and treating blogging like any other hobby I have. I enjoy learning new things and improving.
Thank you for your consideration!

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